Sales Toolkit For Closers: Better, Faster, Digital

Selling is hard work:

The digital technology explosion over the last 10 years has completely transformed the sales process. During the golden age of television, all a company needed to do was create a memorable 30 second advertising spot and demand would follow.

Now that we’re in the age of the internet, that’s simply not the case anymore. People who need to sell are under more pressure than ever before as they adjust to nail the story and master the tech. Smaller teams, especially scrappy ones at startups and scaleups really feel it.

Ambitious businesses, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can improve profitability by combining storytelling and digital technology to reach goals and scale faster with this ultimate resource for selling better.

Sales is more than cheesy lines and packed PowerPoints:

The 1980s are famous for slick sales lines and overly polished salespeople. This doesn’t work anymore because customers demand more. And they expect authenticity. The web has added an unavoidable layer of transparency that sales must work with, not against. Nowadays when a customer wants to buy something, they go to the internet and search for it first.

#1 sales tool is Storytelling:

Storytelling has been around as long as humans. It’s the most effective tool for our brains to digest information. And it’s the salesperson’s best weapon. Armed with a compelling sales story that puts the customer at the center of the adventure, a salesperson moves them self into a winning position.

Transforming a sales book into a live selling case study:

I’ve been out in the trenches, doing, listening, and researching and I know that many people consider sales a difficult process and wish they could do better. Who wouldn’t like to earn more money?

That’s why I’m writing Sales ToolKit for Closers. I’m taking a conversational approach to unpack the entire sales function including offline and online processes. Sales Toolkit For Closers will also give backers ways to harness the power of digital in order to take your business wherever you want to go with easy to implement tools and tactics that are shaping the next generation of sales:
* Reaching customers and building relationships directly with digital content including video, podcasts, webinars, blogs, mobile, and social selling
* Storytelling 
* Personal Selling including how to write emails that get replies and buys
* Pitching & Presentations
* New Business Generation including Prospecting
* Inbound Demand 
* Proposals 
* And more

I want to take this information and validate it before publishing to make sure it’s the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide on the market. And there’s no better community of sellers and buyers to ask for feedback than on Kickstarter.

Sales Toolkit For Closers — Limited 1st Edition is 4-color, large 7x10 inch, 180 page, paperback workbook and eBook offered exclusively on Kickstarter. This first edition, created together on Kickstarter, will never be sold in stores.

All backers get to join the conversation around Sales Toolkit For Closers including having a vote on the cover design that goes to print. The cover in our current promotional photos is just a mock-up.

Next step for Closers — join the journey:

If you’ve read this far, you’re definitely a Closer. I hope you join the Sales Toolkit For Closers journey and become a part of creating this Limited 1st Edition sold exclusively on Kickstarter.

And while you’re backing, feel free to get an extra copy for a friend (or your team!) too. Sharing is caring — whether it’s a copy of the book or even just this post with anyone you think might enjoy or benefit from Sales Toolkit For Closers. This project is live on Kickstarter for three weeks only from November 8, 2018 to November 30, 2018.

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