Poetry is spoken word from the soul

you allow your thoughts to be exposed

just emotions out in the open,

simply helping others understand

what you’re hoping can be real, contained or even fulfilled

Never allow others to destroy your dream

you can do and have anything that your mind and heart desires

look higher and have faith in you!

Let your tongue be the pen ready to write great things into life.

Despite your surroundings and situations continue to rise as beautiful as the sun

yet be different, know the difference and don’t allow your situation to break you

your criticizers don’t know your ambition to to seek greater things

Allow your words to be the little blue bird who sings beautiful melodies and mends broken souls

let your story be told and allow great dreams to grow

Poetry is simply words from the soul

to be great is to be greatly misunderstood

but to express spoken word is to open a window of opportunity for better understanding

each day is a lesson learned and a new story told….

The question is……. Are you ready to let your dream flow?…..