So you start off by saying you wanted to get a balanced, broad view of the wide range of people who…
Martin Shirley

WSJ is a den of neocon delusionaries. is a den of banal libertarian self-aggrandizing yutzes who muddle elitism with eliteness. Neither are reputable websites, and neither host commentators worthy of note.

The Atlantic is as it’s always been — a left-leaning periodical. If you want a healthier look at Internet chatter, I’d recommend that, but it depends on the story. The type of story will determine if it attracts organized bands of trolls. No, seriously. Go to any gun control/gun violence-related story on the Atlantic and you’ll see the same team of posters. (Perhaps they’re the Georgia Security Force militia between forest training weekends?)

At any rate, just about anywhere on the Internet tends to draw out the worst of people into the worst of groups of people. Anonymity empowers cowardice.

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