My Coding Bootcamp Survey

  • What difficulties do you predict that you will encounter during our course?I expect to run into the difficulty of being stuck and not having any idea of what to do.
  • How have you reacted to similar situations in the past? In the past the way i dealt with getting stuck was through an avenue of different approaches. One being googling the problem first to find a solution. If i were unsuccessful in googling my next alternative would be to ask a peer for advice. Finally if these neither one of those methods worked i would ask a supervisor or superlative for assistance.
  • How do you plan on reacting to these situations during the class? In the case of this class i plan on inserting these same methods into the classroom.
  • What aspects of the growth and fixed mindsets can you identify in your personal history? My mindset i feel has never been fixed. Ive always realized that stepping outside of my comfort zone, and fully immersing myself in the unknown is the truly the only way to grow.
  • In what areas do you feel fixed?I feel fixed in no areas.
  • Where do you see the most growth? Even though i don’t feel fixed in any areas. i can say I have seen the a large amount of spiritual growth in my life, and a vast understanding of how life works in the past 6 years.
  • How have you approached studying in the past? My approach to studying in the past varied. Depending on my interest in the topic my approach could be very lethargic or very assertive.
  • How might you approach studying differently in this course? Since Im am all in on this course and look to be very successful, my approach is going very relentless and striving to be top of the class.
  • What experiences do you have being outside your comfort zone? Being black in america i am usually always out of my comfort zone. So the experience is a daily learning experience.
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