copyright Camcreative Photography 2017

If I should go before you do…

I only ask one thing
should you fall in love again
Don’t go to Paris in the spring

or when the leaves are on the ground
and he holds you when you call
Give him your heart , that once was mine
but don’t go to Paris in the fall

Don’t go there in the winter months
when snow lies thick and still
for winter burns the warmest heart
and winter always will

Go only when the summer sun
Can warm the coldest stone
and walk again those Paris streets
but walk them on your own

and I will be there upon the wind
and up and down the stairs
I’ll walk with you along the Saine
You’ll feel my spirit there

I’ll hold your hand and touch your skin
just like it used to be
But never bring another love
 — .Paris, is you and me

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