How to build large, skilled, powerful teams of volunteers for political change

Instead, it’s focused on helping the rich and well-connected at the expense of working families and communities. …

Urge Governor Little to veto SB1110 and protect our initiative rights

An epic contrast of government focused on normal people vs corporations and the wealthy

When I boarded my flight from Boise to Norway in January 2010, I had very little idea what was in store for me. My best friend and I were about to study abroad at the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway’s southernmost city.

My rationale — I wanted to study…

A strategy to change the balance of power

Idaho is dominated by one political party.

The real contests in our state are within the Republican Party, between their moderate and extreme factions. Democrats have not been able to viably contest power in decades. …

And the impressions they left on me

This book made a huge impression on me. I would have said I was pretty concerned about monopolies and corporate consolidation before, but after this book, I’m 5x more concerned. I heard about it because my friend Luke Mayville was reading it.

I really enjoyed Ready Player One, so I…

If you can’t mobilize now, research for future success

My first “movement experience” came from Cole Valley Speaks. I caught the bug, and I knew I needed to continue being a part of these powerful expressions of injustice and demands for change. …

A blog for widely sharing stories, methods, inspiration, and confidence

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When I look at how our state decides how society should work, I see a scale symbolizing a balance of power. On one side is money, and on the other side are people. Money is winning…

Go beyond what you can do yourself. Create a team.

I grew up in Idaho, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided I wanted to make it my longterm home. I loved Boise, our public lands, our cost of living, and many aspects of our culture.

Ultimately, I decided that was a tradeoff I had to live with because…

Documentary teaser, online petition, upcoming barbecue, and organizer reflections

The original blog post was published one year ago, today, on February 13, 2019.

This post commemorates the beginning of Cole Valley Speaks, and it kicks off the next phase of our movement.

Items Below —

For Immediate Release — November 16, 2019

Sandpoint — A day after the Federal Government approved Idaho’s State Medicaid Expansion Plan, BYU-Idaho dealt a second blow to students and families in Idaho’s second largest college. The Administration is rejecting Medicaid Expansion for its students just days after it rejected Medicaid coverage. …

Cam Crow

Organizing for change

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