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My first “movement experience” came from Cole Valley Speaks. I caught the bug, and I knew I needed to continue being a part of these powerful expressions of injustice and demands for change. Later, I built on that foundation as a core member of Reclaim Idaho, and dabbled in climate activism with Sunrise Boise.

I’ve known for a long time that Idaho needs transformation political change, but I didn’t know how it could happen. I explored ideas in electoral politics and delved into different theories of change. …

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I’ve spent the last year thinking about ways to politically transform Idaho.

When I look at how our state decides how society should work, I see a scale symbolizing a balance of power. On one side is money, and on the other side are people. Money is winning. It’s not even close.

If we want more people power, we need to shift political identities.

In today’s world, it’s basically a given that Democrats and Independents align more with people power than Republicans. But Republicans are holding 80% of the seats in our Legislature.

The people are voting Republican. Based on their identities, not their interests.

Most Idahoans are poor and struggling financially. When they vote Republican, for their promises of limited government, they’re not doing themselves any favors. They’re telling the government to spend less and tax less, but when that happens, it’s their services that are being cut and the wealthy that are seeing the tax benefits. …

Go beyond what you can do yourself. Create a team.

I grew up in Idaho, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided I wanted to make it my longterm home. I loved Boise, our public lands, our cost of living, and many aspects of our culture.

But I hated Idaho’s politics.

Ultimately, I decided that was a tradeoff I had to live with because it wasn’t going to change.

In 2018, it changed.

After a ragtag group of volunteers got Medicaid Expansion on the ballot, Idaho overwhelmingly supported it with 61% of the vote, defying our legislators who had ignored that crisis for 10 years.

I had hope.

That was a watershed event, and I knew it was possible to change Idaho politics for the better. I needed to be a part of that. …


Cam Crow

Organizing for change

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