PEER FORUM: A Visual Essay by SALT.

PEER FORUM is a peer-mentoring group funded by Artquest and hosted by Camden Arts Centre, taking place over the course of a year. This year’s peer-mentoring group, established by Alicia Tsigarides, brings together a group of artists to examine the representation of femininity.

SALT. were thrilled to be invited to a crit session with PEER FORUM at the Camden Arts Centre. The conversation felt lively and fruitful, and it seemed like everyone’s work came from a deep well of feeling and the need to make. We compiled this visual essay based on various references that we gave throughout the session. We hope that by presenting this, the reader can gather a kind of mood or setting for the work that was discussed — it feels quite revealing without anyone’s work in progress actually leaving the safe space of the room.

Lee Lozano
Conflating personal notes, diary entries, drawing and painting into personal visual codes.

Right: Lee Lozano, No Title (she bites), 1962. Source; Left: Lee Lozano notebook. Source
Right: Lee Lozano, No Title, 1962. Source; Left: Lee Lozano, 1963. Source

Hannah Weiner

Experimenting with automated writing and playing with the physical placement of words to create new meanings.

Hannah Weiner, Clairvoyant Journal, 1974, Source

Marguerite Humeau
Recontextualising/excavating historically symbolic materials within a contemporary and technological environment.

Marguerite Humeau, Echoes, 2018. Source

Kew Gardens
Thinking about the environments/worlds that the things we make can inhabit and ways they can come alive.

Kew Gardens. Photograph by Alicia Tsigarides, 2018
N. ampullaria. Source

Carol Mavor
Childhood nostalgia, fairy tale, imagination and magic within social and political histories.

Aurelia, Casol Mayor, 2017. Source

Gertrude Stein
Redefining meaning of every day objects through experimental poetry.

Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons, 1914. Source

Hannah Höch
Surrealist collage as satire around gender and identity.

Left: Hannah Höch, Untitled, 1930. Source; Right: Hannah Höch, Für ein Fest gemacht , 1936. Source

Linder Sterling
Treating mass distributed imagery of women as malleable through comical collage.

Linder Sterling. Source
Linder Sterling. Source

Marlene Dumas
Highly emotive and affective paintings through economical means.

Right: Marlene Dumas, Dorothy D-lite, 1998. Source; Center: Marlene Dumas, Installation View, 2000. Source; Right: Marlene Dumas, Stripper, 1999. Source

SALT. magazine is a contemporary art and feminism journal and research collective. It acts as a platform for artists and writers to reflect on the political within their work. SALT. was founded at Goldsmiths in 2012 as a response to a dissatisfaction with a lack of feminist political discourse within the institution and the urgent need to foster a community. It was formed to exist within a wide gap that we perceived between simplified, maligned feminism within the media and an inaccessible academic feminist track. Current co-editors and founders are Hannah Regel, Jala Wahid and Thea Smith.

SALT. Issue 10 is forthcoming in autumn 2018