How Coconut Oil can Stop Tooth Decay

Coconut oil has several benefits from improving acne to removing bacteria from the mouth. It is one of the best methods to promote healthy teeth, gums and remove bacteria. Although, it has taken some time but finally this procedure has gained a little popularity among the people in London.

It is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine that was used to detoxify your mouth. Just a tablespoon full of oil is enough for this procedure and it takes no more than 10 to 20 minutes. It removes bacteria and cleans the mouth in the same way as soap is used to clean dirty dishes.

Importance of oral hygiene in daily life

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is very important and what is better than using a natural component to keep decay and cavities away from your teeth. We have jotted down some benefits of using coconut oil. They are as follows:

  • Protects against bacteria causing cavity: Research has shown that massaging coconut oil can reduce bacteria in the mouth. It is a very simple procedure, dab your finger in the oil and rub it on your gums for 10 to 20 minutes. This will curb the growth and remove plaque buildup and cavity causing bacteria namely, Streptococcus mutans from the mouth.
  • No toxic chemicals as in toothpaste: Most of the leading toothpaste contains some amount of chemicals in them. It might lead to endocrine disruption in many users and they can cause a wide range of health problems. Some of the issues that it might induce are breast, prostate, testicular and ovarian cancer, low weight of babies during birth and more.
  • It is not costly: It is an inexpensive product that can be used to clean your mouth and remove any decay causing bacteria. Moreover, it takes a small amount of oil to do the task. Avail the benefits of oral hygiene with just a jar of coconut oil that is not only inexpensive but also an effective solution.
  • No foam is formed: Some of the toothpaste contains chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate and more that are responsible for the formation of foam during brushing. It can hinder the job of taste buds and might make them numb for some time after brushing. Whereas, coconut oil is a natural product and does not contain any such chemical. It helps in maintaining the natural balance of your tongue while curbing bacteria effectively.

Procedure of pulling coconut oil

  • Make sure to use fresh oil for your teeth.
  • Use it first thing in the morning before brushing or drinking water
  • Massage gently on the gums for at least 10 to 20 minutes
  • Spit out oil and rinse immediately with warm water
  • Finally, brush your teeth as usual

There is enough toxicity in life, so add some more to your mouth. Use coconut oil to safeguard your teeth and gums from bacteria and decay causing germs. Apart from this visit a good dental hygienist in London or elsewhere to keep oral issues away.