Inspired by the hugely successful New York Highline, the Camden Highline is our plan to turn a disused railway viaduct into a new park in the sky. It will be an exceptional new green space, offering a unique perspective on the city and linking Camden Market, Camden Road, Camley Street and Kings Cross to each other and to their local communities.

A bird’s eye view of the Highline route, looking east to Camden then west to King’s Cross. It will occupy the green space and vacant bridges running alongside the railway.
Search popularity of the word ‘unprecedented’ in 2019–2020.

For Local People

Images from the Highline education workshops, which uses the project to teach creative and technical skills in local schools.
The volunteer clean-up and improvement to Camden Gardens, which will become the eastern entrance to the Camden Highline.
One of the Highline walking tours to help local people visualise the project. 1,550 people have attended to date.

For Local Businesses

The Camden Green Loop.

For transport authorities

What the connection to Camden Road Overground station could look like.

For landowners

Where we’re up to

What you can do to help

Who we are

Hotdesking in various Collective locations.


Camden Town Unlimited (CTU) and Euston Town are the elected representatives of businesses within Camden and Euston.

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