#YearOfChallenges: 30 days wearing only 10 clothing items
Nicoleta Domnicu

Great challenge, Nicoleta! You know, I try to limit my purchases and regularly donate what I don’t wear but reducing my wardrobe? No such luck. Every time my mom visits she brings me new clothes, or insists on taking me shopping, or comments that I don’t have many enough/nice enough/new enough clothes! And I can afford them now, don’t I? And I’m a young woman, shouldn’t I take care of myself? :D

She means well, however, it’s not because of consummerism that she wants me to update my clothes (many of them have 5+ years of wearing under my belt… the saying goes). It’s simply the attitude of Eastern European coming into a relatively confortable life after years of not being able to afford things. I understand her, but I try to resist every time — my money is much better spent on travelling or other experiences!

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