Aqua Yoga Therapy and the “Blue Mind”

Sound in water can be a part of the healing process

“The world is in anguish because the minds of men and women are in anguish.”

This was a piece of wisdom from my Paramguru Goswami Kriyananda.

Contrary to what the media portray, yoga is open to everybody, not just the thin, young and bendy. The whole goal of yoga is not to get into a pretzel, but to use the systematic approach of yoga to become more content;

It requires smoothing out the breath which is not easy if the body is in pain and the mind in turmoil. The loving and supportive qualities of water however, especially warm water can eliminate pain, and the hydrostatic pressure tends to deepen the exhale and releases gripping physically,mentally and emotionally.

It demands being comfortable and stable in what ever pose a person is in, which cultivates mindfulness through self-study and an improved muscular/skeletal system.

It offers a place where limitations can be overcome such as a person who lives in a wheel chair on land can walk in the water and knee and hips can rehabilitate and get stronger pre and post surgery or to avoid it.

It creates a place where people can slow down movements,mentally and physically as the water pushes us back when we move through it which increases our propreoception.

It allows people to challenge and improve their balance without fear of falling and injuring themselves which translates as better gait on land.

Yoga is main stream these days, but with the silver tsunami upon us, it is not always accessible. Chairs can be used if people have an issue with getting up and down from the yoga mat but even that might not make the body/mind practice of yoga accessible and enjoyable enough for many. Especially those that are rehabbing or in pain. In the water however people may come to experience and gain great clarity and peace of mind as they move the body in a mindful way and start an inner inquiry.

“If every child in the world were taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dali Lama

As we begin the process of balancing our inner and outer lives I think we become more mindful about the harm we are doing to our planet and especially our oceans and the myriad of lifeforms within it.

When we meditate we are looking for the ‘blue pearl’ at the point between the eyebrows. It takes practice and patience to achieve, but being in and around water or using it as a visualization can really help to get us to that point.

The Dali Lama makes a point that is very resonant with what I think of as the “Blue Mind.”

We really have the capacity to improve ourselves and our world. Why else did we come here?

Floating savassana or corpse pose in the water

By Camella Nair (Swami Nibhrtananda) C-IAYT,E-RYT,PRYT,Ayurvedic Health Educator,Author of Aqua Kriya Yoga.