My green armoire

Hi Beauties,As much as I love discovering new places, food etc, I’ve always been gravitated towards trying new skin care items which sometimes did more damage than good, to be honest. But recently, I came through the site and had some major reality check. I typed some products that I was using and got to know how dirty they are. After searching and browsing, some products became hit or miss, but some really worked well with fewer ingredients that I could count on my fingertips.

Cleanser:(Three ingredients ) I was empirical that will it clean my pores? I swear it did really well especially my acne prone skin.

Toner: obsessed with rose water but more with it’s my go to for any pesky blemish that drops by.

Makeup remover: Olive oil works best so gentle and it won’t clog your pores, so simple and easy to find in the kitchen cabinet. ( your skin will thank you)

What’s in your armoire?

xo, Anki

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