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Hello, friends! My name is Atlant and you are on the Mr.Atlant channel. The recruitment of Ambassadors from the Sui project has recently started. Everyone has been waiting for this for a long time and was ready to go in a second and submit their application before everyone else (this is true in my case). But seriously, many of my subscribers write to me, something like this:

  • “Atlanta, did you hear? The Ambassador program from Sui has started (the form is available to fill out). What should I do? Do you think I should try it?”
  • “What if I’ve never been active on Sui, but I really want to become an ambassador?”
  • “Atlanta, how do I fill out the form correctly? There are so many nuances that I can’t figure out (dear friends).”

I received all of this the second the Sui team announced the launch of the ambassador program. So, I decided to help you with this.

So, in this issue: A detailed overview of the Ambassador Program by Sui? and at the end I will answer all your questions. I guarantee you that by the middle of this issue, you will know the answers. Let’s get started, let’s get to know each other!


▶️Become a Sui ambassador today◀️


The team: “Another exciting launch — the Sui Ambassador Program is now live! This program provides members of the Sui community with support and resources to evangelize the network. Ideal candidates are passionate about Sui and want to deepen their involvement.

Landing page:

Blog: https: https: //


From these words, we clearly understand the team. Sui’s success depends on the support of the community, and this is where the Sui Ambassador program comes in. The program is aimed at creating a network of ambassadors who are passionate about the project and want to spread the word about it to others.

Who is the ideal candidate for a Sui ambassador?

We understand that a project like Sui requires the best of the best. Therefore, it should be a candidate who:

First, he is a crypto-enthusiast and supporter of Sui (he recognizes the project’s potential).

Second, he promotes Sui on social media. He talks about the benefits, products, updates, and other interesting information on his blog on YouTube, Medium, Twitter, and other platforms.

Thirdly, they have skills such as: creating creative content, organizing events, helping to manage the community, training the community, creating (infographics, banners, posters), coding, etc. You don’t have to have all of these skills, the main thing is that you are good at what you do, for example (creating content).

If you have all of these characteristics and are passionate about the Sui project, then “Welcome” and even if you do not have one of these points, do not be disappointed, also apply as a candidate for Sui ambassador.

What are the benefits for Sui ambassadors?

At the moment, there is no clear information about the benefits and rewards. But of course, some of them are known:

  • A unique role in Discord:
    Candidates who are selected for the Ambassador position will receive a nice bonus and the status of Ambassador on Sui’s Discord.
  • Invitations to potential events:
    As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to be invited to a particular event with a pleasant attitude. And accordingly, access to the foundation’s events.
  • Cooperation with members of the Sui Foundation:
    You, as an ambassador, will have a great opportunity to cooperate directly with the members of the foundation.
  • Access to classified information:
    As an ambassador, you will know about the latest news about Sui before ordinary users.

And more…

What skills should an ambassador have?

We understand that there are many areas of skills, these can be technical, organizational, branding, and others. But specifically in our case, we understand the skills that the Sui project emphasizes, namely:

  • Content Creation: Ability to write articles, guides, blog posts, create infographics, or create animated videos.
  • Community building: the ability to host community events and meetings or help manage a community.
  • Education: the ability to teach and share information through social media.
  • Mentoring: the ability to be a source of support and upliftment to the community
  • Technical: ability to start other technical things (writing manuals), create developer tools (which will be useful), work with Dev Rel to improve technical documentation.

How to become a Sui ambassador?

Go to Discord, Sui (go through verification), and subscribe to all social networks of the project, especially Twitter.

  1. Now let’s get started! Follow the link to the form to submit your application to become a Sui Ambassador:
  2. Once “you” have submitted your application for the ambassador program, you need to create useful content (and remember, quality is better than quantity) and share it in the discord thread (#content). Also, I’d like to give you a tip: it’s better to create some cool and creative content before filling out the form, because in one of the questions, you will be asked to share the work you have done for Sui.
  3. The next step is to be active in Discord and help newcomers (don’t neglect this important point).

This is the end of the step-by-step guide (keep making quality content and helping newcomers to Discord) and of course, keep your eyes peeled for the selection results.

Note: If you’ve followed all the steps I’ve listed above for the form. These candidates have a much better chance than those who just joined Sui before the form.

What awards will Sui ambassadors receive?

This question is probably of interest to most people (my subscribers, for sure). As I mentioned above, this information is not freely available. That is, we can only speculate. But again, from my observations, the Ambassador Program is part of the SUI Token Community Access Program, and theoretically should be rewarded with Sui project tokens. Additionally, there may be physical gifts for ambassadors such as (branded clothing from Sui).

This means that you need to hurry up, because the mining is not far off! Help the project with everything you can, as your success depends on it.


In conclusion, becoming a Sui ambassador is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about blockchain technology and wants to make a difference. By joining the Sui community, you will get access to exclusive opportunities, make new friends, and contribute to the development of a project that has the potential to change the world. So what are you waiting for? Apply to become a Sui Ambassador today!

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