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6 min readApr 10, 2023

▶️▶️Part 1

Hello, friends! This is Mr. Atlantean and this is the first issue dedicated to a new, quite promising project, and it is Nibiru.

Where I would like to start is with the Ambassador Program, because this is the factor that attracts many people, including me. Let’s look at this topic from start to finish. So, let’s get started!

Before we begin, I suggest you briefly familiarize yourself with the project, because it has made quite a lot of noise and almost every Telegram channel (popular ones) has talked about the “Start of the Ambassador Program”


Nibiru is a sovereign proof-of-stake blockchain, i.e. an open source platform, and a member of the family of interconnected blockchains that make up the Cosmos ecosystem (i.e. created in this ecosystem)

One of the features of the Nibiru project is that it combines leveraged derivatives trading, spot trading, staking, and liquidity provision with bonds. And the platform’s interface allows users of more than 40 blockchains to trade leveraged derivatives through a set of decentralized applications that can be composed.

Ambassador Program


“The Nibiru Chain team is looking for enthusiastic and interested community members to spread the word about Nibiru and build the community.”

From the team’s words, we can understand that Nibiru is starting to build a community and needs enthusiastic, ambassadors, moderators, developers, and niche members to help with this.

If you are ready to build the Nibiru community, then?

Join the Nibiru Ambassadors! As an ambassador, you will be able to support the project in various ways, such as

  • community outreach and training
  • content creation
  • community management.

For their hard work and dedication to Nibiru, Ambassadors will enjoy exclusive bonuses such as NFT art drops, VIP status at events, and early alpha leaks.

What are the benefits for Ambassadors?

Of course, the team understands that by helping Nibiru, you are wasting your precious time, so it was decided to give the following preferences, namely:

1️⃣ Payment with tokens:

Compensation for becoming an ambassador can include some combination of $USDC, $NUSD, or $NIBI. This will all depend on the level, i.e. the reward (the main ones at the moment are four, and they are: mega, ultra, giga and infinite)

2️⃣ “Goods” and NFT:

The best ambassadors will be able to receive rewards in the form of NFT and physical goods (for example, it can be Nibiru branded merchandise)

3️⃣ Access to various privileges:

Nibiru ambassadors will receive special VIP treatment during online and in-person events. And in addition, access to a private ambassador channel, access to chat with the core team, and the opportunity to attend and support Nibiru events

Note: In relation to how “you” progress through the career ladder, ambassadors will be given more responsibility in the community, giving them the opportunity to take on leadership, manage office hours, and other aspects.

4️⃣ Joint promotion:

Ambassadors who create high quality content on Twitter + Twitter Spaces, blogs, videos, etc. will benefit from Nibiru’s co-promotion on social media to help Ambassadors increase their social media presence.

And now, I propose to raise the issue of Roles in Nibiru, as this is an important aspect for newcomers and for ambassadors themselves.

Levels of roles in Nibiru:

As mentioned above, there are currently 4 levels of roles available, such as: mega, ultra, giga, and infinite.

▶️ The first level is Mega

In general, your journey as an ambassador begins with the role of “ambassador — mega”. Mega means noteworthy community participation, content creation, or exceptional memes.

▶️The second level is Ultra

After you have proven yourself at a high level as a Mega, you have a good chance of getting the role of an Ultra Ambassador. Ultra is consistent participation as a Nibiru ambassador.

▶️The third level is Giga

“Giga is the third step on the career ladder. At the moment, no one has this role as the ambassador program was recently launched. Giga works closely with the Nibiru team. Employment opportunity.

▶️The fourth level is Infinite

The maximum role in the career development of an ambassador is “infinite”. An infinite hired as part of the Nibiru team.

In case someone didn’t understand: How do I get any of these roles?

To explain, members can rise to the ambassador position by creating content, engaging the community, or creating. And the most important thing is that anyone can become an ambassador.

How to participate in the ambassador program?

I think that by the end of our article or video, many people have already made up their minds (I want to become a Nibiru ambassador). To get the role you want, you need to fill out the form first:

After you fill out the form, I’ve prepared a few scripts for you to help you get qualified as an ambassador. You don’t have to develop in all three areas, but the more you do, the better (you can’t hide that from anyone). So:

1️⃣ Content creation:

When you choose this type, you need to create social media posts on Twitter, blogs and articles, AMAs, YouTube videos, podcasts. I’ll explain a few of the activities for example:

  • Memes: create numerous high quality memes, gifs, or videos related to Nibiru.
  • Explanations: Create tutorials, concept papers, and how-to guides.
  • Design: Share graphics, posters, videos, and written content.
  • Marketing: Communicate the benefits of using Nibiru and raise awareness. Help the team grow the Discord, Twitter, and Telegram communities.
  • Translations: translate Nibiru content into different languages

2️⃣ Community Engagement:

If you choose this type of activity, you will need to interact with community members on platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. Responsibilities will include:

  • Protect the veracity of information about Nibira.
  • Moderate Discord and Telegram chats and answer questions from other users.
  • Share useful feedback.
  • Organizing events, both in person and virtually.

3️⃣ For developers:

If you choose this type of activity, then you need to perform tasks for developers. Responsibilities include:

  • Add bug fixes or highlight issues in Nibiru’s open source repositories
  • Develop CosmWasm smart contract applications based on Nibiru.


In my opinion, the Nibiru Ambassador Program is a unique and exciting opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to participate in an innovative project.

The program provides a number of benefits, including access to resources and tools, networking and reputation-building opportunities, and rewards for contributing to the community. If you are interested in becoming a Nibiru Ambassador, be sure to apply, then start working and helping the project, and the team will soon pay attention to you (as was the case in my case)

Thank you for your attention, see you in the next issue!

▶️▶️ Links Nibiru: Website | Twitter | Discord | Blog | Dogs




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