A Bold, New American Agenda
Dave Trott

Dave — I’m a liberal living in Birmingham and I disagree with you on virtually every policy position you take. I’ll spare you the reasoned arguments against your stands — I’m sure you know them well and won’t be swayed.

On the other hand, you guys did win the White House and control both houses, so it’s only fair that you forward your agenda. To do that effectively, don’t you think it would be smart to lay to rest the distraction caused by the allegations of the Trump campaign’s involvement with the Russian attempt to influence the Presidential election? If there’s nothing there why not disclose everything, satisfy both sides as to facts and move on?

To that end, please urge the President to: 1) Release his taxes to confirm he has no Russian financial entanglements, 2) encourage the naming of a special prosecutor or bipartisan commission to independently investigate the allegations and 3) put principles (American principles) ahead of his odd allegiance to Putin. Of all his disconcerting behaviors, his “bromance” with Putin is the most suspect and out-of-step with his base, the Republicans and I assume even you.

Thanks, Dave. See you at the polls.

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