How To Install A Backup Camera On Toyota Tacoma

Don’t spend big bucks at your Tacoma dealer for a backup camera when you can buy and install a Toyota Tacoma backup camera for a fraction of the cost online. With new plug-and-play Tacoma backup cameras, you can add a backup camera to your truck quickly and easily without any cutting or splicing of wires.

There are also backup camera kits that replace your tailgate handle with a camera pre-loaded tailgate handle or a backup camera kit that comes as a standalone camera module and installs into your existing handle. License plate cameras and universal mount cameras are available as well.

Let’s show you how easy it is to install these backup camera kits on Toyota Tacomas with some step-by-step instructions. There is no radio programming necessary and the installation takes 10 minutes!

Note: These instructions are for a 2014 or newer Toyota Tacoma with factory touch screen radio/navigation trucks. Please check to make sure your truck is prewired before starting install. You can do this by checking the connector at the passenger side frame rail just in front of the rear bumper.

How To Install A Backup Camera On Toyota Tacoma

What You Need & What Comes In The Kit

  • A Cordless Power Drill
  • A 10mm socket and extension
  • A T30 Torx Bit
  • A Ratchet or small impact wrench

Removing The Back Panel & Handle

Step 1

Remove the tailgate panel by removing all of the T30 torx bolts that secure it to the tailgate.

Step 2

Pull the panel from the tailgate by lifting on the bottom edge and pulling toward yourself.

Step 3

Remove the lock release rods by releasing the two remaining clips from the rod with your hands.

Step 4

Take your power drill and remove the existing handle by removing the two 10mm bolts from both ends of the handle. Keep the bolts nearby as you will be using them to reinstall the new handle.

Step 5

Pull the handle away and store it somewhere safe in the case that you ever need to remove the handle with the camera in the future.

Installing The New Handle & Cabling

Step 6

Grab the cable of your backup camera handle kit, feed it through the outside of the truck and secure it to the latch back.

Step 7

Secure the handle in place using the two 10mm bolts that you removed earlier.

Step 8

Reinstall the two rods and retainers into the new handle

Step 9

On the cord, there is a white wire loop. These control the parking guidelines. If you don’t want to use the parking guidelines, cut this wire before moving on to the next step.

Step 10

Find the small round end of the factory integration harness and connect it to the camera cable. This connection can only go together one way. Gently twist the socket until they fall together. Press firmly to ensure a tight connection.

Installing The Camera Wiring

Step 11

Locate the rear harness included in the kit. The large white connector will be fed through the bottom of the tailgate in the 4 different sections and the side of the gate. Make sure it is out if the way of any moving parts.

Step 12

Feed the white plug through the large square opening in the bottom of the tailgate at the back of the truck bed. Tuck it into the black truck bed floor for holding.

Step 13

Push the cord into the retaining clip at the back of the tailgate to aid in holding the harness in place.

Step 14

Coil up and secure any excess cable inside the tailgate using the kit’s zip ties. There is a great spot in the middle of the tailgate that has a flat metal hook shape.

Note: If you removed a factory harness in order to install this kit, you can reuse the retainers.

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