Kawhi Leonard closes out the Memphis Grizzles yesterday and oh what a show he put on. The man they like to call the klaw dismantled the grizzles on every part of the game. He out scored their best scorer and other rebounded their best rebounded. The man is the best player in the league and that is a fact. He plays with basically no other scorer and has to control the ball for most of the games. The one thing he has on his side is that he plays for the great coach Pop, the greatest coach in the NBA. He designed a game that is ultimately best for the two way suave player like Kawhi Leonard. The spurs are the best team in the NBA in my opinion because they have the Manamal Kawhi Leonard. Yes I know that is not his nickname but it fits him as well. How do you explain a person that can guard the best player on the opposing team and still manage to get their shots off; simple you just saw Kawhi Leonard. Although this series was hard fought and all the credit goes to Memphis for showing the two seeded Spurs that they are nothing to joke with, Kawhi was too much. He put Mike Conley in shackles figuratively speaking with the way he forced him into taking bad shots. Another great thing Kawhi was able to do was pass the ball. During clutch moments in the game most people know where the ball is going, to Kawhi. He was able to outsmart the grizzlies by passing the ball even when he was put into direst. He stopped on a dime and found the open man no matter where he was on the floor. When you have a player that has almighty trust in their teammates there is no telling in what the team can accomplish. Kawhi took his shots where it seed fix during the crunch time moments and that is all you ask out of your best player. He didn’t force many shots like we have come accustomed to witnessing when the best player has the ball in his hand. Kawhi just plays his game and does not try to do anything he is not capable of doing. He doesn’t play hero ball, he just runs the offense the way it is supposed to be ran. This can be chucked up to great coaching and a large i.Q for the game of basketball. The man Kawhi is no joke he destroys players hearts and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.