The Trip Report 07/05

Even if you know exactly what you’re taking, drug use is never safe — that said, it’s much safer when you do.

Through the work of organisations such as WEDINOS, The Loop, and SaferParty, we know a little more about the drugs in circulation. The report provided below is a summary of their findings over the last week.* This report is primarily UK-focused and couldn’t possibly cover everything, so if you find something I’ve missed please contact me and we’ll get it updated.

The absence of a product from this list doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be there; you might have something more dangerous than anything listed, but it just hasn’t been reported yet. A vital tool for any drug user is a testkit, which allows you to identify roughly what is actually in your stash. You can find them at and get additional support from the helpful community at .

Final note: This report does not constitute medical advice. Some harm-reduction tips are offered for those who have already taken the compound, but if in doubt seek medical attention.

Standing Warning: Mislabelled Benzos

Dozens of samples from across the UK have been shown to be mis-sold, primarily a glut of etizolam being presented as diazepam and alprazolam. For the time being, it is advised to mistrust anything that didn’t come from the literal pharmacist because these samples have been pressed into convincing pills, even sold in blister packs, and reagent testing between these substances is very difficult. These “street blues” have been implicated in deaths across the country, and are not to be taken lightly

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: Oxymetholone
Sold as: MDMA
Location: Barnsley
Advice: What?! Why?! Who did this?! Oxymetholone, better known as Anadrol, is a mild steroid used primarily to prevent muscle waste in cancer patients or among athletes who are chasing a performance boost with minimal androgenic effects (participants in high-use sports like weightlifting and wrestling, for example, or women all-round). The risks of this are pretty low given that it would just be a single dose, but it’s a bizarre substitution in any case.
Source: (Sample W010193)
Oxymetholone info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: Caffeine / Cocaine
Sold as: Amphetamine
Location: Chorley
Advice: Truly a bizarre decision from a dealer as foolish as they are sleazy. Given the dose window of this substitution, it’s unlikely to cause increased risk of OD or immediate harm to the user, but anyone with an allergy issue would be warned, as ever, to test before dosing. Let’s just hope the user wasn’t hoping for functional stimulation, though, or they might end up with a very difficult essay to explain by the time they’re done.
Source: (Sample W010174)
Caffeine info:
Cocaine info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: Ketamine
Sold as: Mephedrone
Location: London
Advice: Finding out that a substance has been replaced with ket is always a mixed bag (pun not intended, but it’s definitely staying in). On the one hand, it’s low-risk in itself, has an exceptionally forgiving upper limit for dosage and is generally pretty recognisable in terms of experience, taste and looks. In this case, though, we see the other side of ketamine. A normal mkat dose is a heavy dose for ketamine, and a user expecting to take mkat is likely to be doing so in an environment that’s highly unsuitable for being suddenly and extremely ketty — while relatively physically safe, this would be a terrifying experience.

Hopefully this is just an accidental baggie switch rather than A Thing, but just in case: test substances where possible, even if this just means taking a really small dose to start off when you have a new bag. If you take a big line and find it tastes a lot kettier than expected, you’ll want to find a friend and explain what happened ASAP, just in case they need to get you out of there.
Source: (Sample W010206)
Ketamine info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: Cyproheptadine / Promethazine
Sold as: Alprazolam
Location: Chester
Advice: This bizarre little cocktail just isn’t going away, is it? It’s difficult to offer much specific advice for substitutions like these, but to practice usual harm reduction practices and always test your supply when you can.
Source: (Sample W010158)
Cyproheptadine info:
Amantadine info:
Promethazine info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: 2-Br-4,5-DMPEA
Sold as: 2C-B
Location: Tested in Zurich
Advice: This is an odd one, and appears to be an error in the synthesis rather than anything malicious. Basically, 2C-B is built from a backbone called phenethylamine or PEA, and has three groups stuck to the end of it: 2 methoxyl groups at position 2 and 5 and a bromine atom at position 4. This substitution swaps the Br with the position-2 methoxyl group, creating a substance which seems not to be psychoactive at all. If you come across and take these, probably nothing will happen, but we’d advise against it anyway.
2Br-4,5-DMPEA info: there really isn’t any.

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: Cialis
Sold as: 2C-B
Location: Tested in Zurich
Advice: This is presumably an error rather than a deliberate mislabelling. I mean I hope so, otherwise drug dealers are stupider than we thought. At normal 2C-B doses this will likely have no effect, and attempts to redose will only be met with ever-increasing genital blood blow. I would hope any user would notice this before reaching dangerous doses, but if you somehow do then seek medical attention. That’d be no way to go out.
Cialis Info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: 5F-ADB
Sold as: THC vape liquid
Location: Loughborough
Advice: Damn it, I guess this is A Thing now. As ever, we would advise against buying any kind of cannabis liquids in the UK — making real cannabis vape liquid is difficult and offers little profit motive, whereas sprinkling a little bit of 5F-ADB into normal vape liquid is cheap, easy and extremely profitable. If you have already taken this and are somehow in a state to read this, we would advise seeking personal support and possibly medical attention.
Source: (Samples W010224 / W010225)
5F-ADB info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: Doxepin
Sold as: Alprazolam
Location: London
Advice: Perhaps a standing warning update is needed — we’ve got Things out the wazoo lately. At Xanax-like doses the risks of this substitution are fairly low, even in users of prescribed antidepressants. However, it is difficult to determine the actual dose contained per bar from a WEDINOS result, which does not provide this kind of quantification, and doses may vary from sample to sample in any case.
Source: (Sample W010240)
Doxepin info:

Warning: Possible Mislabelling

Substance: 4-FMA
Location: Tested in Utrecht
Advice: A tentative third member in our list of things that might be Things, these MyBrands follow the Philipp Plein pills from last time in the trend of using known MDMA presses to make 4-FMA pills (the PPs also turn up in this latest DIMS report from the venerable Trimbos Institute, from which I await a job offer like my letter from Hogwarts, but I beat ’em to it and discussed them in our last report). Since we don’t know the exact dose in these fellas it’s hard to say for sure, but if they follow what we saw in the PPs then the primary risk is likely to come from ignorance of the substitution.

While we don’t have a lot of empirical evidence around the long-term effects of 4-FMA use, accidentally consuming these rather than MDMA doesn’t seem too harmful. You may notice “speedier” effects than usual, but they are substantially milder than those you might experience from a pill contaminated with conventional speed.
4-FMA info:

Warning: Unknown Substances (inc. new substance)

Location: Tested in Utrecht
Advice: A key cornerstone of the harm-reduction approach to drug use is that we accept the premise that people do drugs, and it’s outside our ability or remit to stop them. That being said, maybe this time let’s just give these things a miss. If you do foolishly decide to take them for science, we can only advise that you have a sober sitter with you who is willing to call for emergency services immediately if needed and, well, let us know how it goes.
No info available.

Warning: Generally Dangerous

Substance: 2-CB-FLY
Location: Tested in Utrecht
Advice: 2-CB is generally accepted to be something of an easy-mode when it comes to psychedelics. For new users it’s a challenge not to be sniffed at, but it carries far less risk of difficult experience than conventional substances like LSD. 2-CB-FLY is its evil twin.
With lower doses, a tighter dose-response curve (meaning a small dose increase will create a larger change in effects compared to 2-CB) and a seemingly capricious nature, 2-CB-FLY is for experienced users who already know how to manage a bad time. Some users report uniformly glowing experiences with it, but they’re in the minority. I have no reason to believe this is being mislabelled at all, but even if it’s being described accurately it’s not an experience to enter into lightly.
2-CB-FLY Info:

Warning: High Dose — 216mg

Substance: MDMA
Location: Tested in Zurich
Advice: Avoid redosing, stay cool and maintain adequate hydration. Many users will dehydrate through sweat, but sweating also sheds electrolytes and some users have suffered from hyponatremia from drinking only water to replenish themselves. If possible, find a sports drink like Lucozade or, if no other solutions are available, add a pinch of salt to the occasional glass of water.
MDMA info:

Warning: Mislabelled Substance

Substance: 3-CMC
Sold as: Methamphetamine
Location: Tested in Bern
Advice: 3-CMC is an extremely rare chlorinated cathinone, related to mephedrone and seemingly similar in its effects. We have very little safety-related information and none at all for long-term effects, so there are red flags on this one by default. The dose range for 3-CMC is substantially higher than that of meth, so the odds of accidental overdose from this substitution are pretty slender. Luckily, these substances can be pretty quickly distinguished with a simple Marquis reagent test. In meth, you should see a change to red whereas 3-CMC will be completely colourless.
3-CMC Info:

*Warnings are also released by local police forces, in-house testing at festivals, and by users at These warnings are, however, are unquantified and often unreliable so they are given less weight.