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Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book

But Not Many Have the Drive To Do So

Cameron Chapman
6 min readJul 30, 2020


I still visit my favorite childhood bookstore and have become friends (and trivia rivals) with the owner. Bookstores and libraries were my sanctuaries growing up. I biked to the library at least once a week, all through elementary school.

I mean, all that knowledge right at your fingertips (yes, I know, smartphones have made that even more true). Any time I wanted to learn anything, off to the library or bookstore I went. And while I read plenty of fiction growing up, nonfiction was kinda my jam.

As an adult, I’ve written and published four non-fiction books (and chapters included in another five). Two were self-published and two were published by major mainstream publishers in the US and UK. And let me tell you, they opened so many doors for me in my career, both as a freelancer and as an employee.

In short: Writing a book changed my professional life. I no longer had to prove my expertise. I just mentioned my books.

Boom. Instant credibility.

I’m a firm believer that every entrepreneur (really, everyone) would benefit from writing a book. Here’s why.

A Book Enhances Your Visibility