#1. Fuck that asshole!

I know this is over a year late… but better late than never. I found the strength to get through my break up when I was at rock bottom… literally laying on the floor and unable to move. A little voice spoke up and asked Is he worth this? Is this who you want to be? I realized that I had lost my sense of self and that the most important relationship in my life is the one with me. That if I didn’t stand up for the love and life I deserve I would always have to settle. It took losing everything to gain perspective on what mattered most. Now, over 3 years later I’m so thankful for that break up. I’m in a healthy, happy and loving relationship with the man of my dreams — but I never would have become the woman capable of loving him if I hadn’t gone through that experience. I think the most important thing to remember is that unconditional love can only come from ourselves and our faith. And when you’re in a healthy, committed, loving relationship with both of those things, everything else just kind of falls into place. ❤ ❤ ❤