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Imply the NYPost isn’t as balkanized as anything?

I’m not really convinced balkanization is the problem so much as the advent of nakedly political media outlets posing as objective news sources.

The NYP is pretty much case in point as part of the Murdock disinformation empire, and the opinion piece you cite is prime evidence of that. Time and again breathless accusations of wrongdoing are made without any attempt to provide context or evidence beyond assertions that this or that is supposedly “unprecedented” — a claim which itself is not justified.

What is the evidence provided? What is the argument? Three retired FBI agents without any connection to the case expressing outrage that charges weren’t filed because “I coulda nailed her!”? At this point, do we even need to ask about their political affiliations? Of course not. We all know.

This isn’t reporting. It’s self-indulgent pap, a kind of political hate-porn.

It’s one thing to seek out sources that support your preferred point of view, but it’s quite another when those sources essentially abandon all but the pretense toward journalistic integrity in favor of serving up poorly argued and clearly politically motivated hit pieces on a regular basis — fueling the fire of public distrust, resentment, and outright hatred to the point that it now threatens to consume the nation itself.

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