Nintendo’s Cohesive Presentation


**For some reason this post is really difficult for me to write. I just can’t seem to explain myself eloquently today, so please excuse me while I try and explain.

Tonight, I was watching the Nintendo Switch Presentation tonight. It’s the one were they finally sat down and talked about what Switch is and gave pricing, release date, etc. Something really struck me as really cool move.

The logo for the Nintendo switch is shown above. Every time in video, it is accompanied by the sound of snapping, emulating the snapping sound of the controllers sliding together. You can almost hear that snapping sound in the animation itself. That snap is clearly an important important part of product recognition.

Yoshiaki Koizumi, (Swtich product lead) snapping during the announcement

What struck me as amazing was the artful use of a snap during the Presentation. There was an art about it. Think about how we talk about doing things in a snap. It means done now, and often times in an almost magical way. The snap was used as a transition. “let’s looking at this new thing”, a recording of the same iconic snap played and instantly a video started. “So and so will now explain” and suddenly all lights go black while a single spot light comes on the new person. It was amazing actually. It not only connected the presentation to the product, but it gave a clear thread of thought thought out. It made the whole thing cohesive.

I’m doing a really bad job at explaining this today. You should really go and watch it. Specifically there is a part in the central of the event where Yoshiaki Koizumi would “snap” back and forth between himself. He does it several times over about 5 minutes. Really great. Once the video goes up, I’ll post a link to the time stamp.