Who’s Keeping Score?

An interview with Giants reporter Amy G

“As a girl who loves baseball, but was never going to have the physical ability or opportunity to ‘go-pro,’ keeping score gave me knowledge of the game. Simply put, scoring levels the playing field. I have a sense of nostalgia every game I score. I’m brought back to memories of my childhood countless times during a contest. Smells, sounds, sights are the same as when I was four, just on a bigger stage.”

— Amy Gutierrez, Smarty Marty Official Gameday Scorebook, Introduction

Meet Amy Gutierrez (“Amy G” to San Francisco Giants Fans). Not only is Amy a San Francisco sports reporter and journalist — she’s also a writer with a passion for kids. Two years ago, Amy released her first book, Smarty Marty’s Got Game, which tells the inspiring story of older sister Marty, who teaches the game (and love) of baseball to her younger brother Mikey.

For Amy, just because you’re not on the field doesn’t mean you’re not apart of the game. A central goal of hers is empowerment to participate, regardless of age or gender or ability. And so, where Smarty Marty’s Got Game tells a narrative of learning about baseball, the Official Gameday Scorebook takes the reader step-by-step through the art of scoring a baseball game, complete with pages and pages of score sheets.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy G about the Official Gameday Scorebook, and was fascinated by her perspective on baseball and participation:

Amy G reporting for SF Giants

What inspired you to write Smarty Marty’s Official Gameday Scorebook?
I was inspired to write Smarty Marty because I felt a real shift in the baseball fan base. Each game I am overwhelmed with the amount of young girls that have become fanatical about America’s Pastime and I wanted the movement to be documented.

When did your love for baseball begin?
My mother taught me how to score at a very young age and my Grandmother (Martha) whom the booked is named after, loved the game and KNEW the game as well as any male counterpart. The character of Smarty Marty is a culmination of the female influences in my love affair with baseball. I’m hoping that while right now having a “girl” be the main character and the sports guru is unique — at some point in the near future it won’t be questioned.

Why publish in print for the Gameday Scorebook? Why not just an iPhone app?
I’m a traditionalist. I believe to really get into a book you need to hold the book. I’ve yet to cave to technology when it comes to reading. That thought process directly translates to the creation of an actual scorebook. An app to score a game seemed too removed from the experience of documenting America’s Pastime. A scorebook sparks your senses. Sight, sound and touch are all ignited when tracing a triple or when the team turns two. Ultimately, for me, there simply is no substitution for coloring in the diamond.

The Smarty Marty Official Gameday Scorebook can be found on the Cameron Books website, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Junior Giants, the flagship program of the San Francisco Giants Community Fund. The Junior Giants is a free and non-competitive program serving 20,000 boys and girls, 5–18 years old. The goal is to reach kids who otherwise would not have the resources to play baseball, but more importantly, the program provides a strong curriculum and well-trained volunteers to work with youth to develop lifelong skills.

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