It’s Time For An American King
eric hulting

Actually, this kinda already happened once. Under FDR, he essentially took control of the entire government for 100 days in 1934 to save the country from ruin. Congress ceded most of their powers and nearly unanimously put his changes into law in massive sweeping legislation. It saved us from the Depression and ultimately saved the country because of how bad things were. Our system was not made for political parties and the only way it has functioned is because both parties have been able to come together because they both wanted to see the country move forward in a positive way. Now, we have gridlock because both parties are subject to their extreme fringes which means that neither party is willing to move to the center where actually business is conducted and policy created. This is exacerbated by the fact that this country is fairly slow moving and conservative. As Winston Churchill said, “America will do the right thing; once all other possibilities have been exhausted.” We do need to split the power of the exective and add in some new powers that are present in European systems and we also need to change our winner takes all system of government and have a more fair plurality system. Reading this post makes me want to record my series, “American Civics: What You Didn’t Learn in Highschool” to help people understand how the system actually works and break up some ideas on how they think it works or how they think it should work.

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