The Latest Legend of the Internet: Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is out to get you

It’s not a new thing for a millionaire single playboy to garner attention. That has been long played out but the ability for everyone to gawk at such luxury in a completely unsanitized way has not been known before but thank to social media we’re here to follow every throw, ammo discharge, and sexual exploit. His Instagram is now infamous. And his exploits now make regular online headlines. He is someone wrapped in as much truth as legend and he is in no hurry to split the two or bring any reality to his ability to sleep with any woman if he chooses to and his ability to generally live an awesome luxury life. One of the areas of contention/legend is where the money comes from. He is the son of a wealthy hedge fund manager. One his legends is that he took a modest amount of money, went to Vegas, and made his fortune in several rounds of successful poker games. Now he is a professional badass and businessman. No one is quite sure what is business is which prompts many online commenters to refer to him as a trust-fund baby that gets all his money from his Dad so he can be on a perpetual vagina-filled, gun-toting vacation.

It is hard to separate man from legend and I think that is part of his persona. He is also the kind of guy that men want to be because he appeals to our modern generation’s ideals of what it takes to get ahead. Forget stable jobs, families, or even good pay, nice house, things, and a trophy wife: no the modern male is unattached, non-committed and is ready for anything, anytime, any where around the world. He is a master of any task he sets himself to and has the attentions of the most fickle of modern creatures: women. He has both the pleasure of being himself, and unabashedly male while maintaining the attention of women, an increasingly difficult thing for modern men to do.

It seems like Dan Bilzerian has it all: the unachievable male dream and that is part of his appeal and the legend that he wants to keep going. Dan Bilzerian seems at once impossible and yet relatable. He is confronting with his masculinity which is something that is not often seen in modern society. In an age of consent classes, skinny jeans, sensitivity training and toxic masculinity the beingness of Dan Bilzerian rejects all of that and gives us the full frontal version of a man who has bent his environment to his will, with a tank and a humvee with a .50 cal on top. Guys stuck behind desks in service jobs, finance, and other repressive professions that don’t use all the talents men bring to the table look to him as a dream. A world that could be, where men can be confrontatively masculine and women adore them every second for it.

He is unapologetically alpha M-A-N

He isn’t even all bad. As someone who tried to be in the military but was thrown out due to “issues with authority” (his statement) Dan has some kind of respect for the fighting men and women and recently demonstrated this by hosting a raucous dinner for some veterans including great food and beautiful women: in full Bilzerian style. And what is most interesting is that while he might tell a CEO on social media that he slept with his wife he has very human moments, like his holiday dinner, that almost make you want to like Bilzerian. While at first I was put off by his seemingly pre-teen attitude towards life some his maxims about life, men, and society I find myself nodding right along with him. While it might seem that I might fall in line with him due to our common body parts I think Dan Bilzerian teaches us something very important: even the adolescent-man has redeeming qualities.

I don’t know how much I plan following him after making this post. He doesn’t have too much appeal but his high follower counts tell me one thing: we’ll all be watching whether we like it or not in the media and online.

Ride on Dan, ride on.

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