Using video is one of the best ways to create content and share your “brand story.” Content that can turn a random user into a follower, a follower into a lead, a lead into a paying customer. Video captures a person’s attention like nothing else can. Human brains want to perform the least amount of work as possible. Video content is much less work for your viewer rather than reading a really long passage and a video is easier for the brain to process rather than text.

Telling a story will make people remember you. 5–10% of information is remembered when the information is provided through statistics whereas 65–70% of information is remembered when it is told through story. Humans are not good at grasping large numbers or statistics. They are good at listening to a sequence of events filled with emotion(stories). It’s easier for us to remember stories because our brains make little distinction between an experience we are listening/watching and one that is actually happening.

According to The London School of Business

The best way to tell a story is through video. Stories engage both the left and right side of the brain. The left side of brain is more analytical and controls what you hear as well as your speaking abilities, logic and memory. The right side of the brain controls spatial abilities and interprets visual imagery. Video utilizes both sides of the brain to create a cohesive understanding of what is happening. This conveys certain emotions to the viewer that cannot be shared through text alone.


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