Trump isn’t an anomaly. He had unwavering support throughout his entire presidency and Democrats are best to remember this.

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June 20 | Campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla. | Sue Ogrocki | The Associated Press

When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, we were met with a wave of hesitant warnings from his Republican colleagues. You’d be right to think Trump’s support among the rest of the world and in the United States was low, but his support in the Republican Party was consistently around 89%. The Republican Party was always the party of Donald Trump.

Republican politicians denounced Trump in the beginning stages of his presidency but came around to him after four years. This isn’t because Donald Trump turned heel and started passing well liked legislation or suddenly became presidential. It’s because they realized it was now okay to openly support and agree with Trump’s rhetoric — something they thought the party had moved past. …


Cameron Craig

Writer and screenwriter based in the Boston area. I write film analysis, reviews and commentary and engage in leftist politics. Twitter@CameronCraig88

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