my most honest email ever

Earlier I sent this email to the subscribers of my Game Quitters newsletter.

Today I have to get something off my chest. I don’t really know how to write this email or where to start…
I feel alone sometimes. Often, actually.
Trying to build Game Quitters is not easy, and I shield that from a lot of you. I keep it to myself because I never want to take the focus away from those who need support.
I guess I need support.
Often I get asked how I pay rent. People ask me if I’m ok financially. Not really, but I survive.
I have to close my eyes to type. I worry that sending this email will make me look bad.
I once watched an interview with Elon Musk where the moderator asked him why he was pursuing solar energy, electric vehicles, and space exploration.
He replied that nobody else was going to do it so fuck it, he would.
That’s why I started Game Quitters. For four years I waited for someone else, some other organization to provide the help and support those of you reading this email needed.
And nobody came. So I said fuck it, I’ll do it.
And I’m so glad I did. It’s been an incredible past 20 months or so. And it’s only the beginning.
But it’s been hard. There’s been a lot of sacrifice, especially financially. There have been many times where I felt like I should take a step back and focus more on me.
But then I think of all the people who will lose the support they need because I spent that hour, that day, that week, that month, that year working to pay my own bills instead of building Game Quitters to be the movement it is and can be.
So I find enough to survive and keep going. I know it’s all going to work out in the end.
When I started Game Quitters I committed to doing it right. That meant focusing on impact first, not profits. That’s why you can find 98% of my content for free on YouTube. That’s why the only program online to help you quit gaming is available for $47, the average price of a video game.
That’s why every time a 14 year old like Eugene emails me to ask for a free copy, I give it to him. OF COURSE.
I could say “Sorry Eugene, go ask your parents to get you a copy”, which would put him in an awkward position where he may not have the support of his parents or he may not be comfortable opening up to them yet.
And that wouldn’t be right. And I want to build Game Quitters right.
So I need your support. I work on Game Quitters full-time. I work 7 days a week. I take very little time off. The time I do take off from Game Quitters is a few hours to pay my own bills.
Or to go surfing to maintain my sanity. But a wave broke my board in half the other day so there goes sanity.
Game Quitters makes about $1,000/month, or less than $500 after expenses. YouTube gives me a tip of $10/month for the eight videos I produce.
I reply to 80% of the posts on the forum and almost every comment on YouTube. I pay my own expenses for the majority of my speaking gigs to spread the word. I receive no compensation for organizing our scientific studies. I invest everything I have in bringing this dream to life. I do it for you and ask for very little in return.
And now I need to ask for your support.
Below I have listed a few ways you can help. Regardless, I will continue to fight on. But I’m now willing to ask for your help, which is something I haven’t been very good at doing in the past.
Three ways you can help:
1. Support my mission to Tanzania with a donation.
We have 6 days to go and I need all the support I can get. If you are able to donate, please do. If you care about building a clean water well for a village of 500 people, do it for that. If you care about supporting me and Game Quitters (fundraising to get a new camera for the YouTube channel), do it for that.
For every $50 donation, I am gifting a copy of Respawn to someone in need on your behalf.
I also have a special offer for every $50 donation of receiving a 1 on 1 coaching call with me. You can click here to read the details. There is no limit on the number of sessions you can purchase, however this offer is only valid until the fundraiser ends.
If you are unable to donate, please share it on social media!
2. Support me directly with a donation via Paypal.
3. Support Game Quitters with a monthly donation on Patreon.
Earlier today, I received a message from a member who suggested that he did not want to donate because it was not selfless for me to fundraise to help cover my costs of the trip and to purchase a new camera for YouTube.
I respect that. It’s not selfless. And I believe those who decide to support my mission to Tanzania will do so because they not only want to support a village with clean water, but they also want to support me and the Game Quitters mission.
And I’m confident that when it comes to my “selfless” karma, I go above and beyond. This trip is a dream come true for me and part of my own vision in life isbeing able to make a big impact and to let my life be an example of what I stand for.
I try my best to be a role model for you. I hope that this trip will inspire other members of the community to get involved in philanthropic work. I hope this trip will inspire other members to pursue their own dreams, whatever they may be.
Because that’s what Game Quitters is really about. It’s about moving on from a time of your life where you’re checked out, full of apathy and escaping into virtual worlds, to move into a new time of your life where you live it meaningfully, where you pursue fulfillment, and leave a positive dent in the universe.
This email was hard to write and I hope you will support me on this mission to Tanzania.
We have 6 days to go and we’ve raised 38% so far. Every amount counts. If you can donate $10, that is amazing. If you can donate $50 and you want a coaching call, that is awesome too. A few members have even donated $250+ and to be honest, it brought tears to my eyes.
For every person who has supported me in any way, with a donation or anything else, thank you. Your support truly means the world to me because I know it says that you believe in my dream, and that makes me feel less alone in this world.
With gratitude,
- Cam
P.S. There are two new videos on YouTube since my email last week.