Why You Fail to Achieve Your Goals (You Suffer from “Yeah, But” Syndrome)

Ever wonder why you fail to achieve your goals?

These goals and desires you know deep inside you want to achieve seem to never actually happen. You catch yourself daydreaming about a different life, or escaping into video games and YouTube videos to distract yourself.

We’ve all been there.

I don’t know what your specific goals are (hit reply and tell me), but mine included starting my own business (that made a difference), traveling around the world working on my laptop, and waking up to surf every day.

I wanted an amazing group of friends, a beautiful girlfriend, and to be in the best shape possible.

So what held me back?

Mostly excuses. Haha. Anybody relate?

But here’s the thing.

​The reason we find excuses is because we’re looking for them.

Let me say that again.

The reason you find excuses is because you’re looking for them.

You’re looking for a way out. You’re looking for a reason why whatever you want to achieve is not possible. That way you don’t have to put yourself (your ego) on the line. You don’t have to be vulnerable, and actually ​try​.

Instead, you get to remain comfortable, eating potato chips, masturbating to porn, and pretending that you’re happy with your life.

The reason you fail to achieve your goals is because the mental framework you have for​ achieving them is flawed.

You suffer from what I call “Yeah, But” syndrome. Here’s how the conversation goes in your head:

“I really want to start my own business. ​Yeah, but, ​I don’t know how to start a business.”

“I really want to travel the world like Cam does. ​Yeah, but,​ I don’t have any money to do that.”

“I really want to finally quit gaming for good​. ​Yeah, but,​ I don’t have anything else to do with my time and I would just be bored all day.”

You suffer from “Yeah, But” syndrome.

​How are you supposed to accomplish any of your goals if you constantly find an excuse as to why it’s not “realistic” (whatever that means) or “possible” (whatever that means)?

You need a new mental framework. A new way to have a conversation in your head that empowers you towards your goals, instead of discourages you from even attempting or trying.

Here it is. It’s really simple.

Instead of “Yeah, but”… use “Yes, and”.

I’m not denying that if you want to start your own business you might need to learn how to start a business, I’m just denying that that’s an obstacle that isn’t overcomeable.

(The grammar police goes wild!!!!!)

Look, achieving your goals is not easy. There are obstacles… there are adversities… and ​who fucking cares!​ ​None of that has to stop you from going for it.

The only person who is stopping you is YOU.

But accepting potential obstacles isn’t the only thing you need to do. You also need to commit to action. Action is what will get you the results you’re looking for.

Which brings me to the next phrase in our new mental model: “And, so…”

And so here’s what I’m committed to doing (action!) in order to achieve this goal. Here’s the full layout:

I want to _________________ (your goal/desire), but ____________ (potential obstacle), yes, and ____________ (what is possible)​, and so, _____________ (what you’re committed to taking action on.)


I want to start my own business and travel the world working from my laptop, but I don’t have a lot of money, nor do I know how to start a business… yes, and I can learn how to start a business to make money on the side while I save up, and so I’m committed to spending two hours each night learning about online businesses, and launching my first idea/project within the next two weeks.

Remember, it’s never a matter of resources, only a matter of resourcefulness. If you’re willing to be creative, and committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals, I can’t say you will always be successful in the short-term, but I can guarantee you will be successful over the long-term.

And that’s what really matters at the end of the day, right?

So now let’s put this mental framework into action. Send me a message on Twitter with the goal you want to achieve, and what you’re committed to taking action on.

If you reply, I will reply back.

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Have a great day!

Cam Adair is an internationally recognized speaker, YouTuber, and pioneer on video game addiction. The founder of Game Quitters, he supports 50,000 people/month in 81 countries around the world. Connect with Cam on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.