Fairfield, CA Meth Capital Of The Bay Area.

Cameron Eittreim
Dec 2, 2017 · 4 min read
Homeless Can Be Found Throughout Fairfield, California.

There is something to be said about the Northern California Bay Area, from the beautiful scenery to the robust economy from manufacturing to the private technology sector, there is no better place in the world to try and forge a high paying career then here. Unfortunately, most parts of the bay area are very expensive, and to live and work in this area you often have to live in some of the more affordable towns that surround San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

Fairfield, California is a small bay area town that is about 45 minutes from San Francisco. The town which has a population of 114,756 was incorporated December 12, 1903. I was born in this town and I have watched it deteriorate dramatically just in the last four years, going from a bustling real estate boom to a rash of homelessness, gangs, and drugs. The town which is home to the famous Jelly Belly Jelly Bean has become a haven for transplants from neighboring crime-ridden areas such as Vallejo, Oakland, and Richmond and Pittsburg.

Mission Solano On A Weekday Afternoon. The transplants who have been priced out of these areas are going toward Fairfield, Sacramento and eventually further up north to Roseville in search of affordable housing. Fairfield has a known problem with the Norteños street gang, which is so bad in fact that the police department has a gang injunction across half of the city. If this isn’t bad enough, now Sureños street gang members are moving into town by the dozens because of the local farming jobs in Woodland, California.

Fairfield which was once a fairly quiet community with beautiful new housing developments has now become a dangerous place to live. Depending on what part of town you live in there is a constant risk of being robbed, or even caught in the middle of a gunfight. The drug of choice in Fairfield has become methamphetamine, and the center of this epidemic is around the state streets in the core of the town. You will find a revolving door of criminals coming in and out of Solano Jail, only to be put right back into custody.

The revolving door of Fairfield, California is a sorry one, and it is a story of many neighboring towns as well including Woodland and Vacaville. The sad part is that Fairfield is actually quite a beautiful little town, surrounded by the beautiful hills of the bay area and the Suisun marshlands which provide bountiful fishing and recreational opportunities. Taking a look at Allen Witt Park you are greeted by a rash of drug abusers, homeless, and low-level narcotics dealers who are usually too broke to even drive much more than a bicycle because they are smoking their own product.

Homeless Can Also Be Seen Under The Bridge. Don’t think about riding a bicycle in Fairfield either, because chances are that it will get stolen. There are many who prowl the entire town looking for easy bicycle thefts, and good luck finding your bike once it is stolen because Fairfield PD will put it very low on their to-do list. Vehicle thefts are also another out of control problem that is related to the meth epidemic, as these addicts will try to steal anything within plain view of a vehicle. Don’t leave anything in your seats or in your trunk, especially if you live in the older neighborhoods.

The Mission Solano homeless shelter is a magnet for negative activity, as most of these drug addicts will frequent the homeless shelter and the pour out onto the streets every morning. Because there is no actual rehabilitation of these people they just continue a perpetual negative path of destruction, and in turn continue to destroy what was once a vibrant town. Many of the people who are responsible for running Mission Solano are addicts themselves, and there are many side deals going on at that homeless shelter that make it far more troublesome than what meets the eye.

Because of the rising real estate prices and the current rental crisis going on in Sacramento, I don’t see this problem in Fairfield changing anytime soon. As long as we have the continual stream of scumbags coming in from the neighboring cities we will constantly have the issue of drugs and gang violence in this town. The citizens of Fairfield need to unite in enforcing better neighborhood watch, cleaning up our streets one by one. If there are shady people or known drug addicts lets make life so difficult for them that they will never come back to our town.

It can seem hard to get away from the gang violence and drug addiction that surrounds the town, but there is still a lot of good to be found in Fairfield, California. From the beautiful scenery to the close proximity to the San Francisco Bay area there is a lot to be said about the little town. We can all unite as neighbors and make the change to this wonderful city before it becomes too far gone like Vallejo and other crime-riddled bay area towns.

Cameron Eittreim

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Longtime freelance writer

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