A Global Political Awakening?

Have you noticed that so much has been revealed to us of late about how the world really works, and how these revelations are happening on an escalating basis? We are so fortunate to be alive in this time of human awakening on a global scale. Here’s a brief summary of some of the more significant disclosures:

Donald Trump revealed that the system is rigged against the people and lifted the veil on the Deep State. Bernie Sanders announced that all politicians of influence have been bought off by multi-national corporate interests, and then the Clinton machine stole the primary from him, which only underlined the fact that we no longer live in a functioning democracy. The Hillary consensus among establishment elites during the campaign — and the Russia-gate hoax that’s been hypnotically repeated ever since her devastating loss, has decisively revealed that the CIA/Deep State controls the mainstream news media. The so-called war on terror has been exposed as the global reign of terror of the Rothschild-Zionist banking cabal’s aggressive waging of endless illegal wars for profit. The 1000 US military bases around the world are not for national security, but to facilitate Ratlines, i.e. the smuggling of drugs, cash, gold, guns, and small children for the elite. And Pizzagate, Pedogate and Epstein’s Orgy Island were all orchestrated “Honey Traps” set up by the CIA/Mossad in order to record material that could be used to blackmail US politicians. And so on, and so on…

Never before in history has there been such a staggering series of revelations, or such an accelerated awakening of human consciousness in response to these unveiling’s. We just need to keep waking as many people up as we can, which is quite a challenge considering all the Psy-ops the dying, old establishment are doing. And if you’re reading this & wondering what the heck a Psy-op is, then you’ve probably been Psy-op’d, considering Obama made that legal and mandated that it be escalated and funded by the Pentagon, so that your tax dollars could go to brainwashing you to support blood sacrifice wars that make rich people richer. They’re still putting on a really good show — a dog and pony show, and they will probably pull off some tragic false flags before they’re completely doomed, but they are doomed.