Please Just Fucking Die Already
Caitlin Johnstone

Great work Caitlin, don’t hold back! I just wanted to add that whenever you see McCain, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Lindsey Graham or Chuck Schumer making outrageous public statements in the service of the Deep State’s pro-war agenda, it’s because these politicians have been blackmailed. Every politician of influence in DC has a control file held over them by the CIA, i.e. video/photographic evidence of crimes that, if ever made public, would ruin the individual’s entire life (e.g. rape, child trafficking, pedophilia, murder, torture). The CIA dirt file — usually containing evidence of some form of sexual compromise — functions as the control mechanism of the deep state, it means politicians like McCain will do absolutely anything they’re told to do — no questions asked, e.g. make the bogus Steele dossier go mainstream, in order to avoid their dirty secrets being exposed and made public. Just keep this deep state entrapment and blackmail mechanism in mind next time you hear these imbecile politicians make ridiculous and flat-out dangerous claims about Trump, Russia, Assad, or North Korea, etc... The important point being that some form of sexual blackmail (often pedophilia) is the most effective control mechanism the deep state has ever had, and removing an degenerate like McCain won’t make a single bit of different — the entire deep state structure by which elected politicians are compromised, blackmailed and controlled needs to be exposed and uprooted. But I’m sure you already know this…

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