The Inevitable has Happened as if by Pure Chance

Since Trump never tries to disguise his own vulgarity and incompetence, he immediately presents us with a revealing paradox: what Trump is on the surface in all his ugliness, is what America has always been deep down, but was never able to admit to itself, until now… Who would ever have guessed that it would take the cartoonish idiocy of a superficial Reality TV star playing a ridiculous parody of himself as an insane billionaire clown President — to expose the dark and dangerous depths of America’s socio-political underworld ?

God bless Donald Trump. No one else could ever hold up a mirror to the American people and reflect the truth of who they really are back to them in the most immediate way, as he hits them right between the eyes with the exuberant shallowness of a fake and fraudulent nation shamelessly justifying its presumptions to greatness with the empty boasting of an impotent superpower that can only ever pretend to sit on the throne of Empire — as the rest of the world looks on every day in horrified amazement.