Fighting Human Trafficking

Slavery has been in existence for thousands of years. However, when the word slavery is brought up in conversation, people typically think of the enslaved African-Americans who worked on plantations in the 1800s. Yet, there is so much more to it than that.

Don’t get me wrong, that type of slavery is not ethical, nor do I wish for that to occur in any way today. Slavery is wrong, and it seems as if those who are enslaved today don’t get the attention they deserve. They need people to fight for them, just as people fought for freedom of slaves during the 1800s.

Statistics show that there are 20–30 million slaves in the world today. In fact, that is the most in human history, and the number continues to grow. Three out of every 1,000 people worldwide are expected to be in forced labor, and it is likely that over 4.5 million people worldwide are enslaved to sex trafficking.

One would think that this issue has gotten better with raised awareness, however, that is not true. The issue has continued to grow, and it needs to be fought more seriously. This is what I feel called to fight, along with rehabilitation of those who have abused substances.

I am a business major, and would like to use my skills to start a non-profit organization focused on serving people plagued by these issues. There are many different ways this organization can serve these people, but it needs to be primarily focused on discipling and sharing the gospel with the victims. I believe God will continue to open doors and opportunities for me as I pursue this.

I have people I have told about this, and have found a few that wish to partner with me in this fight. For you, ask yourself if these statistics are acceptable for you. Can you live everyday knowing that this is happening around the world?

What will you do to help in this fight?

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