Quick Midterm Thoughts

  1. Overall a success. We haven’t won the house in a decade! 35 seats is a massive pick up, and we’re clearly in the majority.Easy to get down on Florida results, but reality is we were behind the eight ball in the senate due to the map and Florida was the only marginal Trump state governorship we lost. Picking up Wisconsin and Kansas were the most pleasurable flips. Please see: https://aflcio.org/pressreleases/afl-cio-statement-scott-walker-defeat
  2. Florida and Georgia’s election tampering is disturbing. Particularly the laters. Not an exaggeration to say that Kemp ran a Jim-Crow-esque Secretary of State’s office and a judge should force the run off. No way Abrams doesn’t pick up .2 percent without Kemp deliberately not sending polling machines to black precincts.
  3. People are sleeping on our state house pick-ups. Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Colorado, Maine trifectas and 1 Senate seat short in Minnesota. Good pick ups all around.
  4. Ballot measures killed it. Expanded Medicaid, raised the minimum wage and established anti-gerrymandering bodies in a handful of states for each one. Big victories. Also weed is all but legalized now.
  5. The amount of money spent on this election was a disgrace. 5–10 billion from PACs and committees? that’s $50–100 a vote. Absurd. Campaign finance reform is desperately needed.
  6. Pelosi Leadership: Pelosi is a great leader, however, if she can’t win the speakership without squeezing a dozen new congressmen who promised their constituents they’d vote against her, then she shouldn’t be speaker. Voter promises first, one Congress-women’s career twilight second. Should be fine to win without them if California closes well anyway.
  7. Jungle Primaries, Rank Choice voting, and forced run offs if you’re under 50 percent are all clearly better than regular elections. In that order. Likely to lose a Senate seat in Arizona due to the Green party. Infuriating.
  8. 113 million is a great midterm turnout at 50 percent, but thats just historically great. Should be the bare minimum. Not enough people vote!