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One of the primary job responsibilities of a UX designer is the ability to sift through feedback. There are three voices in constant conversation in a product designer’s conscience:

  1. The stakeholders
  2. The users
  3. The product

The stakeholders want what’s best for the company, the users want what’s best for their needs, and the product wants to be as good as, or better than, its competition. It’s our responsibility to design a product that fits the needs of all three parties.

But how do we know what’s a need and what’s just noise?

Competitive Analysis

We start by observing existing products that solve similar problems within and outside of the industry. Interaction design ideas are agnostic — some of the best inspiration comes from products and applications in industries drastically different from our own. Various web and mobile patterns inspire our team to create solutions that lie outside of marketing automation. …

Cameron Luck

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