Why We Decided to Live in a Pharmacy

Let’s be honest, your probably just here for the photos.

A little over a year ago, my plan was to buy a used sailboat, fix it up, and travel the world (http://neverlandia.com/about/). However, I met someone special and those plans changed for the better. So instead of an old sailboat, I decided fixing up an old building would keep me busy.

I got a phone call from my mom who told me about an old run down building near where I grew up…the asking price: $100K.

I took a look and was in love. The place needed QUITE a bit of work, but I could tell that it would be really special. We closed at $107K and the rest is history. In total, (build out, appliances, permits, etc.) we ended up at $165,000 all in.

My wife and I started dating while working on this place, we got engaged IN the building, and have sacrificed blood, sweat, and MANY tears through the process (tears from utter exaustion). When we started, i’m not positive she knew what a hammer was. However, by the end, one day I asked her if she would hand me the drill…to which she responded, “Do you want the drill or the impact wrench?” THAT’S MY WIFE.

A brief history taken from the journals of Charles Petty

The wood for the building was milled on “Zion Mountain” in June of 1912 and construction began later that year. During it’s years, it served many purposes including:

  • Pool Hall
  • Soda Fountain
  • Post Office
  • School Teacher’s “drop in apartment”
  • Telephone Central
  • Power Company
  • Picture Hall (Movie Theater)
  • Mercantile

For the most part however, our part of the building served as the drugstore and pharmacy for much of Southern Utah.

The building has an upstairs and downstairs. We converted both levels. The top we plan to rent on Airbnb and the bottom we plan to live in until we have kids.

We hope you enjoy it!

We did pretty much everything ourselves. There’s WAY too much to share everything, but here are a few before and along the way photos so you can appreciate how hard we worked:

OKAY so i’m about to overload you with PHOTOS!!!. only because…LOOK WHAT WE DID! ISN’T IT AMAZING?? We think it is. We did nearly everything ourselves including (but not limited to) framing, fixing, leveling, demo’ing, patching, wood floors, cabinets, tiling, grouting, glass work, furniture making, painting, bookcase building, sink building, closet building, trim, some electrical, some plumbing, permit getting, brick restoration, roofing, door hanging, sanding, leak fixing, appliance installationing, lamp building, design choosing, and much much much more.

Upstairs Airbnb:


Upstairs Bedroom:

Upstairs Bathroom:

Upstairs Living Room:

Downstairs Studio (Our Place!)


DISCLAIMER/WARNING: You have to be MADLY in love to undergo a remodel of any sort. Luckily this was the case for us. If you proceed to undertake a task related to the above, please consult a physician before doing so.