I’m headed to Facebook 👍

I know what you’re thinking. Another design leader joins Facebook. Let me explain.

Snapped recently in our current hometown (Sarasota, Florida)

First, Authentic Jobs isn’t going away.

On the contrary, Authentic Jobs has a bright future ahead. Adam Spooner, Myles Grant, and I will remain in advisory roles with 100% equity in the company. We’re actively developing new features. We’ve recently hired a new Customer & Community Lead to continue our emphasis on top-notch customer service. And while we’re always open to acquisition offers, our feature roadmap is chock-full for 2017.

Second, this isn’t the first time we’ve crossed paths.

I was first approached by Facebook in 2006. I declined the invitation to interview for an early design position. Julie Zhuo and I might have been deskmates, and my bank account might have several more zeroes had I accepted and remained through the IPO.

But the timing wasn’t right.

Ten years later, the timing is perfect. I wasn’t recruited this time around—I actively sought the opportunity, ready to apply what I’ve learned the past 10 years running Authentic Jobs, working with a team of 30+ designers at a large non-profit, publishing a couple books, and speaking at design conferences across the globe.

I’ll be joining Facebook in November as Design Manager for the Events team under the direction of Jon Lax. Honestly, I can’t wait to be on campus. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the caliber of people I met during the interview process.

California or bust

The biggest challenge ahead is relocating a family of 7 from the Bay Area of Florida to the Bay Area of California.

The good news is I grew up in the East Bay (Antioch) and worked in San Jose at a hobby shop for a couple months after high school. This isn’t entirely unfamiliar territory.

As I type this, we’re in the area on a house-hunting trip. Wish us luck.

Coincidently the Events team just released a terrific standalone app, which was news to me, too.

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