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YouTube for videos. Instagram for photos. Medium for text. What about spoken experiences?

Spoken fills this void. It’s where the world finds a voice, either your own or that of others.

Spoken’s home page on desktop screens

Where the world finds a voice.

Spoken was founded on the simple idea that the human voice is more intimate than nearly any other form of communication. We’ve taken this idea and created a community around it; stories, experiences, all based on the spoken word.

Here’s a sample track from Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water. His retelling of a tragic story beautifully demonstrates the power of spoken experiences.

Walking in the Footsteps of Tragedy by Scott Harrison (3:58)

“But we already have podcasts.”

Podcasts are terrific. But for many people (myself included), making time for listening to a 60-minute recording is challenging, especially those of us who have difficulty doing so while working.

Spoken is radically, intentionally different. Recordings are restricted to 4 minutes or less (update: it’s now 10 minutes or less), thereby giving content creators of any age, experience, or culture a fighting chance of being heard from start to finish — and a fighting chance of being heard in the first place. Just as tens and even hundreds of millions of people find time in their day for a 4-minute video or 3-minute song, we’re confident many people can make time in their day for short-form broadcast audio, too.

Equally important is the community aspect of spoken experiences and having a place to share and collect these experiences. Globally speaking, we estimate the potential community for Spoken to be enormous in size. We have many more features planned that will strengthen Spoken’s community ties among its members, not to mention audio tools for recording, editing, and enhancing tracks.

Hang on tight, we’re just getting started.

Come kick the tires.

We invite you to join us in creating content for this new community. Registration is now open to the public. Signups are limited to 500 new accounts per day until we tighten all the nuts & bolts.

Spoken is where the world finds a voice, and we can’t wait to hear yours.

Sign up for Spoken here.

(First 500 people to request invites are immediately approved for signup.)

Follow us on Twitter at @withspoken.

Spoken’s founding team includes members of the Authentic Jobs founding team, although the two products are entirely separate from each other. Contact us for press and investment inquiries.

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