Logic, More Than Just a Rapper

If a song doesn’t have a deeper meaning, why bother listening to it? Something special happens, however, when a song is so good that you don’t even notice its very deep meaning. Thats the case with many hip-hop artists today. One of which has just been put on a pedestal at the VMAs this past weekend. Logic, an underrated rapper, performed his song 1–800–273–8255. I hope you don’t recognize that number because its for the suicide hotline. Especially, with the recent passing of Chester Bennington of Linking Park (a childhood icon for me), it was the perfect time to perform such a song. Suicide is becoming an epidemic, and its not receiving the recognition it deserves. Logic performed on Sunday night to let those who are suffering know that they are not alone and there is help.

The performance itself mirrored the message of his whole entire album titled Everybody. The message was that these problems, and disorders effect everybody. To represent that, he had people of different race, different age, different body type, and different gender all come out not wearing anything fancy, but a white T-shirt that had the suicide hotline number on the front and the quote, “You are not alone” on the back. He did something that every single show in VMA history couldn’t, and that is relate to his/her audience directly. The song itself is what got people listening, however the message is what got people moving. Following the end of the song, Logic continued by powerfully preaching that he is not afraid to throw away his tough rapper facade to bring light to issues such as depression, anxiety, equality, and (at utmost attention here) suicide. These issues and others are ignored by the mainstream media, but Logic is here for the people. He writes and raps for everybody.