Binging Shows Sucks (Day 18)

Everything in moderation

Everything in moderation is something the most of us have probably heard. And unlike most sage advice, it’s actually pretty useful in practice. I was very tempted to binge through season 2 of Master Of None.

But this morning, I watched it while working out and actually noticed that I enjoyed those two episodes more than I enjoyed some of the other shows I’d finished. And I really believe that it was, in part, because I gave myself the limited amount of time to watch it.

Binging shows sucks. It really does. I used to love having a Saturday all to myself to just sit and watch all the episodes. But it has lost its appeal. I’ve been coming home and writing and reading and gaming a little. I’ve been waking up 3 hours before I have to leave out to pray and read and exercise and write. I’ve been eating junk food lightly. It’s not easy. The impulse is to indulge in pleasurable things and avoid difficult things.

Also, the kind of satisfaction that you get from ordering your life can take a longer time to feel, specifically because the results take longer to start showing up. But that satisfaction lasts much longer than a bunch of episodes.