The Web isn’t uniform
Karolina Szczur

Skimmed over this, but as a js advocate, I think we honestly need to move away from html and css. Honestly everything should be in Javascript and JSON. All you need for the web is data and presentation. Javascript can own all of presentation with React-style jsx. The truth is we need advanced templating in today’s app world and Javascript has all the capabilities to give us that. To utilize JS on the backend with Node makes sense. To render isomorphic apps makes sense. To utilize JSON as data schemas makes sense. Why do we need HTML and CSS at all? If everything was in one language how much easier would the web be? Styles are data.. no? JSON? Absolutely. The computer should be handling computation of styles, it’s too much cognitive overhead for a designer to architect their CSS as it changes. The cascade ruins the usability. CSS needs to be computed at build time and optimized by the computer, not a human. We should be able to specify everything in our components, pages, and it should all be in Javascript and JSON. This would reduce complexity. Support React+Redux. This is the ideal direction of the web.