Afterhours: a poster party off the clock

  • Celebrate our Craft. We wanted to flex our creative muscles, exercise our craft, and honor the fact that all of us (speaking, at least, for the poster show planners) work on “passion projects” in our off hours.
  • Build our community. We want to live in a place where creativity and the craft of design flourish. Austin has a great foundation in the arts; we know we can contribute to that, and we aim to.
  • Benefit our community. We wanted our poster show to be as much of a charity event as it is a creative outlet.
  • Build it to last. We wanted to make something sustainable — something for Central Texas creatives to look forward to and participate in year after year.

Find Your Identity

  1. Slack allowed us to communicate our ideas throughout the day, keeping track of them and sharing them in a group forum whenever inspiration struck
  2. Mural allowed us to amass our ideas on virtual sticky notes, then reorganize them around implicit relationships
Neon sign made by Mega Volt in Austin, Texas

Find Your Cause

  1. Our poster show was timed to align with the fall holiday season, which is when food banks ramp up for donations.
  2. Austin — and Texas in general — is big on its food culture.
Left to Right : Jake Reed, Rob Story & Steve Wolf

Find Your Kind

Afterhours Artist

Find Your Home

Find your Partners

Chalkboard wall to highlight our partners — Thanks Lauren, Miranda, Zoe & (not-pictured) Brad!

Our Partners

Find Your Audience

Dribbble shot created by Patrick Chew to announce the Dribbble Meetup

Find Your Thrills

Food Fight Artist

Find Your Wins

  • During the opening night reception alone, we raised $225 in cash donations and 224 pounds of food donations. These donations alone will create a total of 862 meals for Central Texas.
  • Over the four-day event, we sold 289 posters for a total of $8,500, raising another $3,000 in monetary donations to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (CTFB).
  • In total, we donated $3,225 in cash plus 224 pounds of food to CTFB.

In other words, we raised enough money & food to provide 9,862 meals for central Texans in need!

Find Your Future

Recap Video

Video created by Chris Kelley



My name is Cam, I am a left-handed, one hand clapping, Gemini, multi-disciplined creative currently living in Austin, Texas. Views are my own, not my employers.

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