99 Bikes

  • Ecommerce Management
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • UX / UI Design
  • Designed and set up a new Magento store
  • Management of dispatch and shipping
  • Building customer service standards and procedures
  • Setting up marketing campaign strategies
  • Using data to find new product categories and conversion optimisation


  • Set up their ecommerce systems
  • Cleaned up the store’s data and merchandising
  • Optimised their AdWords
  • Discovered new product categories which drove 80% of total sales
  • Increased sales from thousands to millions
  • Helped promote their omnichannel sales strategy
  • Integrate customer service
  • Migrated from osCommerce to Magento

99bikes.com.au when I first joined (left). Improved navigation and user experience (right)

New Magento webstore I designed and setup (below)




Product Management & Design

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Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

Product Management & Design

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