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I’m surprised you would point to that helicopter play. If you think that kind of play will fly in the NFL then you’ve got another thing comin’…

How about, before crowning anybody, Deshaun learns to read a defense post-snap and how to work through his progressions, and not just “snap ball, set feet, throw.” Spread qbs are basically robots, they don’t call the plays or make pre-snap adjustments. They basically rely on athleticism and really basic pass concepts to beat less athletic teams in space. I think you should go back and watch Watson’s 17 ints from 2016 (17!!!) and see how the majority were him throwing into zone coverages that he just flat doesn’t see. That’s not exactly promising.

Productive college qb, but the offenses they run in college, even against the likes of Bama, are a joke compared to what will be expected of him in the pros. Plenty of other college qbs have found success against Bama, so if that’s what you’re basing your future on … good luck.