how would you describe our global village in 2014?

The concept of global village in our current age is shifting at such a rapid rate, bringing the vastness of our planet and its diverse cultures closer together through existing social mediums. The modes of distributing and receiving information in the media has changed rapidly in the last generation, with the internet as the rationale of linking the entire world as one existing communicative unit, exhausting information through different methods and forms.

From Marshall Mchulan’s notion of the ‘book’ as societies core product of education and communication, he eludes to the idea of new technology and “the prodigious biological event represented by the discovery of electromagnetic waves, as the crux” (Mchulan, M. p45) or a humans ability to be recognised in several parts of the world at the same time. This breakthrough in technology, its increase in speed and change over time defines the global village and its impact on a global scale.

From print media to mass media where information can be communicated instantly online and people have the ability to share their opinions and ideas with the world from a single object narrowing the disparity of cultures, news, education and communication with other parties. The characteristics including speed, ability, diversity and universal are what has, through mass media, transformed the world and uniting one whole society of ubiquitous nature.

Overall, A global village can be described by the humans ability to connect in several ways with people worldwide, and the medias power of influence, opportunity and closeness it has on individuals and groups that are inextricably linked through various outlets. Overtime, the process has increased, where more people are becoming connected, more technology is created and objects and devices for communicating are becoming more sophisticated. A greater awareness of the world and what is occurring despite ones physical location or the lacking of boundaries in social spheres ultimately defines the global village of today, and this notion of a ‘village’ is getting smaller every day.


McLuhan, M. p45, Media Research: Technology, Art and Communication

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