What is Glocality? — Where in the world are you?

Glocality is our identity that is made possible by the media — the ability to live and experience life in one society, whilst associating yourself in another completely different.

Joshua Meyrowitz notes that “media of all kinds extend our perceptual field” where although we may not be able to be in two places at the same time, our awareness of other localities and experiences that are communicated between individuals in different localities shapes our identity and sense of self as we are connected in several different places.

Glocality is shaped by the power of social media, and its increasing effect on speed and time. Meyrowitz mentions our self awareness as constant, where we are always in one place experiencing one culture at one moment and how nothing can change this, but with the vastness and ubiquitous nature of social media, where it is accessed everywhere in the world and used as an educational and communicative tool, we are able to influence other people and cultures far away, making us known and aware in several places at once — being glocal.

In my experience I have communicated with friends online in Europe for an 18 month period in anticipation for a long awaited reunion. In my time communicating with them on various media outlets i was introduced to their families, learnt of their favourite activities and told of places I was going to visit when I arrived. Although I was on the other side of the world, I was aware of the people and surroundings of a place id never been to, familiar with the culture and history, as well as seeing people I had never met, however knew when I first saw them.

Staying Connected

My mind knew what to expect because it had experienced such information over social media. My knowledge of a different country and its culture was cemented in my mind when I was in a completely different place, defining the concept of glocality.


Meyrowitz, J. 2005 The rise of glocality: New senses of place and identity in the global village. http://www.hunfi.hu/mobil/Passagen_engl4_Meyrowitz.pdf

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