Brecht/Eisler/Hauptmann’s The Measures Taken, 1930

Lots of guides to being an ethical designer are now appearing. To check how ethical those ethical guidelines are, read through the following to see if these situations are covered by those guides.

Some ethical dilemmas and rules-of-thumb for how to respond to them:


SCENARIO: The Founders, C-Suite and/or…

(so designers should stop valuing simplicity)

draft short essay to appear in Ligature issue on Simplicity —

an excerpt from Heiner Goebbels’ “opera without performers” _Stifter’s Dinge_

A violin is a fairly simple device: four strings suspended over a wooden box that amplifies the vibrations of the strings as they are bowed. A violin is…

Following is a write-up of an opening statement presented at a panel organized by the Michael Crouch Innovation Center (MCIC) at UNSW entitled ‘Is Design Thinking Over?’

Some further context only for those interested in internecine academia: UNSW is odd in that it is one of the few ‘research universities’…

all images are stills from “The Hands of Bresson”

The Political Philosophy of Sculpting the Quality of People Interacting

On October 22nd, 2016, The Parsons School of Design hosted a Transdisciplinary Design Talks on the topic of Designing the Invisible, which is the subtitle of Lara Penin’s forthcoming book on Service Design. I was invited to make a small intervention along with Katarina Wetter Edman from Konstfack and Clive…

Following is a rationale and briefing for the three Debates (in place of Keynote Addresses) at the Design Research Society Conference at the University of Brighton in late June, 2016.

Our societies seem to be losing their capacity for debate, for arguing civilly through positions and then concluding with a…

When Empathy turns into Hatred of Everyday Life


Those of us in the global consumer class are told every day that everything is changing. Things are apparently changing at an ever-accelerating rate. There is nothing you can do but try to adapt.

The cause of all this change is technological innovation. New devices and systems are being invented…

Being Dogmatic about Defining
Speculative Critical Design Future Fiction


Every time you qualify design with, or add design to, some other quality or practice, you are claiming that design does not already do that.

All these phrases are redundant and/or appropriative of design:
Design Futures, Design Fiction, Speculative Design, Critical Design, Adversarial Design, Discursive Design, Interrogative Design, Design Probes, Ludic…

from Alain Findeli “Rethinking Design Education

Designers have a range of psychological disorders.

Least disputable is their Obsessive Compulsiveness. This excessive concern for detailing derives from design’s craft origins. But where, as David Pye once noted [in The Nature and Art of Workmanship, 1968 & The Nature and Aesthetics of Design, 1978], craftsman celebrate the idiosyncrasies…

The Awkward Potential within Sharing Economy Encounters 

For too long now I’ve been researching and advocating on behalf of systems of shared use. This year, the ‘sharing economy’ has shown itself to be overwhelmingly an anti-regulatory, precariat-creating way of monetizing social interactions. The term has been so exploited by some of the most vile, greedy technolibertarians…

cameron tonkinwise

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