Portland Tenants United: a Radical Org With a Serious Race Problem

Cameron Whitten
Jan 3, 2018 · 20 min read
Image of Cameron Whitten working as a citizen journalist at the week of protests following Trump’s election.
Cameron Whitten speaking as emcee at the 2017 “Rally for Relocation” organized by PTU.
Image of Margot Black, which was featured on the cover of the Willamette Week in 2016.
Portland Tenants United’s logo.

Screenshots of negative rumors spread by Margot Black.

A collage of images from the #RentersSOS kickoff rally organized by Community Alliance of Tenants in 2015.


Cameron Whitten

Written by

Proud Uncle. Queer. Vegetarian. Public Official. Civic Entrepreneur. Nonprofit Leader. Citizen Journalist. Kombucha Addict. #PDXCarpet Guy. #BLM

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